Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lusaka Fun with Family!

It has been almost a year since I'd seen my sister!! Though we live in the same country, she lives up north (close to Tanzania), and I live down south (close to Zimbabwe), so we're about 16 hours apart on terrible roads! So when we had a volunteer team flying in this weekend to Lusaka, and I found out she was going to be here with her kids while her hubby is in South Africa for medical testing, I said "We're coming too!!"

On the bus to Lusaka...took us 6 hours and 45 minutes.....

Are we there yet??

Sisters reunited!!

Caedmon & Isaac - ages 8 and 7 - immediately began wrestling!

Cason & Amos - both age 5 - are having fun together!

Isabel (age 11), Abigail (age 9), and Cambree (age 7) love being together!

I have already braided hair 4 times!

Amos had missed his Uncle Blu!

Time for supper - we headed to a Lebanese restaurant called Mezza

When they saw all the kids, they gave us our own room - ha!

Uncle Blu is so silly!

Delicious!!! I couldn't pronounce most of it, but I loved it!

Since poor Blu was the third wheel with Blake gone, we went on a date last night. First we stopped for some quick coffee before the movie. Blu ordered an espresso and it came as a tiny shot of coffee in a tiny cup. His face was priceless!!! He looked at the waiter like "Is this a joke???" ;) We then went and saw The Monuments Men and stayed up way past our normal bedtime!

We headed this morning to the Lilayi Elephant Orphanage

They couldn't wait to see the baby elephants!

All lined up - oldest to youngest - for Mama Dee & Grandpa!

Aww.. :)

Poor Cambree has a bad cold, but she's a trooper!

The little elephants held their own bottles of infant formula mixed with oats and coconut - so sweet!

Time for a stop at Sandy's for lunch and ice cream!

Dawni and I are about to go and do my team grocery shopping, and we are staying in tonight. Tomorrow morning we will head back to New Day with our team of 6 from South Dakota! I am so grateful for a couple of days with my sister!!

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