Monday, February 24, 2014

Cooking Class!

It is a little crazy at New Day right now - lots of people here!!! Everyone is very busy - for

We have a team from South Dakota here. Two of the men worked in the Wilcox bathroom fixing some major issues, and the mechanic worked on 2 of the vehicles. Wes was on the guesthouse roof, and Blu took Debbie & Nurse Mandy to the doctor in Choma after Debbie got a really bad infection in her hand. The ladies on the team got a tour, did reading tutorials, and then planned and taught a cooking class to our orphan girls! Carolyn & Diana were busy at school in the morning and afternoon. Kailey subbed for me teaching 4th grade because 2 of my children were sick, did reading tutorials, and helped with cooking class. Haley worked organizing the library, prepared snack time for the kids, did reading tutorials, and cooked supper (chicken fingers & French fries - it was smellin' good in that house!) for the 5 people in her house. Jenna had a busy morning teaching music & Bible classes, painting a bathroom in The Ark, drama in the afternoon, and still took time out to play Battleship and color with my sick children. Laurie, Niki, and I all took turns cooking for the team, while Ricky took the team on a tour and worked on future team logistics! I think that covers everyone...!!! And out of all of that, the only pics I got were of the cooking class!

No, Papa Wes, you aren't invited!!

The younger group - so silly!

Axer puts the cocoa in

Gertrude helped with the cocoa!

Kailey gets Christina aproned up!

Sandy helps our newest girl, Malilwe!

Sisi was very serious about that oatmeal!

Bashful Cynthia :)

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