Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February Birthday Fun!

Our little Kefbert turned 5 years old yesterday! He is the "baby" of New Day, and is a STINKER, but we love him to death! :)

You can tell he didn't like his airplane much ;)

Running from the water pouring!

Soaked but still smiling!

Mweene will turn 7 this Friday! He probably had the hardest adjustment of any of the kids coming to New Day, but now, 16 months later, he is FINALLY coming out of his shell!

Tickles from Mama Lala!

He REALLY liked his car, though you can't tell from his face. I think he was thinking in this picture, "Now how am I going to keep this away from the other 9 boys...

Blu soaked him for seven seconds since he is 7!

Always lots of laughs with Papa Wes around!!

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