Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mugshot March!

One of my missionary friends, Robyn, did a "photo a day February" on her blog to give people more of an idea about what their life/ministry was like. I loved it and looked forward to it every day! So I decided to steal her idea (what can I say...I'm not very creative!) and do a "Mugshot a Day March!" Every day, I'll post a "mugshot" of someone or something to give you a glimpse into my life in Zambia.

March 1st's Mugshot

I realize I'm a bit biased, but I think my husband is an amazing preacher. He is so passionate, and he preaches the truth with love. Today he brought a mousetrap to church (not many of the people present had ever seen one) to talk about the snare of sin. It was a great sermon, in the midst of babies crying, kids going in and out, etc! I will miss hearing him preach next Sunday when he is enjoying some American worship in the USA!

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