Friday, March 13, 2015

What'd we miss??

We were welcomed back to New Day today with a clear blue sky and a very hot sun! Aside from all the normal happenings (school, Bible studies, etc.) while we were gone, there were 2 school holidays - Women's Day and Youth Day. Every year for Youth Day, we try to do a fun activity for the kids (usually water games) but this year we decided to host a carnival! It sounds like it turned out great, and the kids loved it! We also missed a March birthday celebration - enjoy the pics!

Kelitah turned 10! (Marie, she LOVED her Horrible Harry books - it was the first thing I asked her when we got back!)

Glory is 8!

Malilwe is 7!

Mama Tembo had a birthday as well and was introduced to the water pouring tradition!

March Birthday Girls

For the carnival, each adult set up a different game and the kids won tickets and then redeemed them. They have read about carnivals in books, but this was their first time to participate in one!

Apparently, Ben won most of his tickets at Papa Wes's horseshoes!

Francis tried out Mama Lala's Mini Golf!

Hildah had fun at Uncle Ricky's Football Throw!

Kefbert enjoyed Teacher Debbie's Ring Toss, and the kids also played Aunt Niki's Ladderball, and Teacher Carolyn's Corn Cob Toss!

I have to publicly say I am so grateful for everyone who stepped up and covered for us while we were gone! From teaching my classes at school to morning devotions, to Bible studies, etc...everyone really pitched in and supported us 100% so that we could take a break and go to Cloud's wedding - we are so grateful!

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