Wednesday, March 18, 2015


New Day welcomed 9 month old twins Justin and Emeldah (Emma) into the New Day Family today!!! The twins were born in June 2014. Their mother is mentally ill, and their father is unknown. They came from a really bad situation in which they often slept outside, were given beer to drink, and there were strong suspicions that they were soon to be abandoned. Social Welfare intervened and placed the twins in our custody until they are 19 years old! Justin will be sleeping in Mama Loveness's room in the girls house, and Emma will be sleeping with Mama Liz. During the day, we will hire a nanny to care for the children to give the housemothers (and Liz) a break! We are so excited to get to spend the next 19 years sharing the love of Jesus with these two!

Justin with Mama Liz

Look at Emma in the background - these babies do NOT like our skin color!! :)

Emma did ok with Teacher Carolyn..until she saw me!

The twins' mother is on the left...she breastfed them up until she got in the car and sad, but so grateful that God intervened in the lives of these two children and it was in His plan to bring them to New Day!

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