Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mugshot - March 25th

Today begins New Day's 2015 Volunteer Season!! We have a full schedule ahead (teams today through September with very little breaks in between!) Today, two groups arrive.

The Garrett Family - Alex (who came on a 2 week trip last summer), Vanessa, and Payton, Sidney, & Regan are coming to serve at New Day for one month! They will be a huge help during the month of April when all of the New Day kids are out of school!

Mark & Dan are also here from Wagoner, OK on a 4 day vision trip to see what New Day is all about and see if their church might be interested in partnering with our ministry!

The Ark is ready (thanks to the Cooks!), the team is on the bus, the burgers are ready to be grilled, and we are geared up and ready to go for volunteer season! :)

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