Tuesday, March 10, 2015

More Texas Fun!

This post will show pictures from our Sunday night, Monday, & Tuesday in Texas! We have spent most of our time in Brownwood, but on Monday morning my parents drove up in their RV with the Kimbrough kids (my sister's kids)to pick me & the kids up and take us to Temple for a night!

So that I don't feel guilty about not putting these pictures in chronological order, here are some basics to avoid any confusion!

The Mountain - Brownwood, TX - Paw & B-Maw - Tidwell Cousins Andie & AJ

Rugrat Holler - Temple, TX - Grandpa & Mama Dee - Winsman Cousins Isabel, Abigail, Isaac, & Amos

Abigail & Cambree in the RV

All seven grandkids together for the first time at Rugrat Holler! (my parent's house)

It was wet and rainy and after a 2.5 hour RV trip, we took the kids to a bounce house in Temple!

Unfortunately, Isabel was too old to jump...we were both sad!

Caedmon seeing if Copenhagen remembered him (he didn't - Caed was sad!)

Caedmon & Isaac love wrestling together!

Monday was my sister-in-law Caity's birthday! We had a blueberry donut cake!

The kids did a scavenger hunt for her with treasures (letters from them) at the end!

It's hard to beat a campfire at Paw & B-Maw's!

Cason & Amos in the RV

Cason playing checkers with Amos

Cason hugging AJ

Jet lag at the campfire :)

Grandpa & Caedmon

Grandpa & Cason

Fun with Abigail!

Holding some sweet boys!

Miss Isabel got the front seat! (after 2 hours in the back, I was jealous!)

Sleepover for the girls! This was their "Aunt Darbi" pose!

Mama Dee & Cambree!

Love my mama :)

Fish faces!

Our first hug after 14 1/2 months!

Pillow fight!

Story time with Grandpa & Mama Dee

Paw & Blu - I love these guys!

B-Maw and the boys

Breakfast with Grandpa!

Goodbyes already! Caedmon & Isaac giving each other a "wrestle hug" :)

Cason giving Amos a goodbye hug

My daddy :)

28 hours with this woman was worth the 70 hour trip!!!!!!!

A McDonald's trip!

At Paw & B-Maw's - the kids went treasure hunting on 30 acres and came back with THIS....

Saying goodbye...

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