Saturday, March 7, 2015

Travel to Texas and Wedding Pics!

A few pics from the trip from Zambia to Texas....homework, homework, and more homework!!

And wedding random order because I am in jet-lag AND it is daylight savings time which means I lose another hour tonight!!!

The guys just before the wedding

Cambree & her handsome daddy!

Me all ready to go!

Cambree & Andie admiring Keysi's flowers!

The girls love having a new cousin!

They clean up pretty good!

The cake was amazing - chocolate mousse cheesecake!

Unity candle

Cason made it until 8pm.. :)

Just after the ceremony..Cloud & Rita

The guests

Kissin' his bride!

My sister-in-law Caity, me, & B-Maw

Me & Cloud


Yuck! (the kids said yuck, not me!)


Paw & B-Maw doing the Macarena!

The grandkids with Paw & B-Maw (minus Brenden! :(


Cloud, Rita, Brenden, & Keysi

The decor was all crystal with white roses - it was beautiful in the rustic setting!

Ceremony again

Uncle Cloud & Aunt Rita

The 4 Tidwell men

As soon as pics were done the kids ran back to the trampoline!

Gettin' our groove on! We danced the night away! Ok, we danced until 9pm and we were too tired to keep going!

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