Monday, February 23, 2015

The Second Annual Great Mouse Exhibit!

I have enjoyed teaching Language Arts to Caedmon & Machila last year and to Cambree this year! We use Sonlight curriculum for Language Arts (for my kids only - the New Day kids use Abeka, except for Machila). It is literature based, and I love it! It was time to read Ralph S. Mouse again this year with Cambree, so of course we had to do the Great Mouse Exhibit!

For the exhibit, she wrote a mouse alliteration poem, a mouse cinquain, a mouse story, and drew and captioned a mouse picture. She also made a mouse maze and had mouse nibbles to share with everyone!

She had been looking forward to this since last year, and she was thrilled when Daddy asked her questions all about her project!

Mama Lala also stopped by!

The Preschool class visited as well and LOVED the "mouse nibbles!" :)

Papa Wes came by to see the exhibit as well!

I have to brag - Cambree is an amazing student. Her head is always in a book, she writes incredible stories, and she very rarely misspells anything! Love that girl!! :)

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