Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day - on the Menu!

I realized, now that Valentine's Day is over, that I didn't get ONE picture of a person, but I got 4 pictures of food! :) For the kids, we got them a little chocolate treat in Lusaka, but what I really wanted to do for them was make them homemade pop tarts! It was a success, and not too difficult!

When I got up, I got to open all my treats - a box of chocolates from Cambree, some new shampoo from Caedmon, some handmade soap from Cason, and some Dr. Pepper flavored bubble gum from my man!! Caedmon also worked with Daddy & Papa Wes to make me a wooden table with a glass top to put picture under - so sweet!

We had a normal Saturday of Kids Club (133 kids), and then Debbie took my kids for a sleepover so that I could make a gourmet meal for Blu and have a "date night" with dinner and a movie!

This was my favorite thing - our appetizer was roasted brie French bread with carmelized pears and almonds...YUM!

The main course was shrimp linguini, honey roasted red potatoes, and fried zucchini blossoms!

And for dessert...cappuccino souffl├ęs!

And a few other random pictures...

The 4 oldest New Day girls at my youth girls' Bible study

I got a message yesterday from my hometown librarian with this photo letting me know they are displaying my books in the library! Sometimes encouragement comes just when you need it!

Lulu is quite the character!!

Meanwhile, back in Texas...Mama Dee & Grandpa are having their "date weekend" with my nephew Amos and took him to the rodeo - fun!!

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