Friday, February 20, 2015

Fun Friday!

On Fridays, I always greet the kids with, "It's Fun Friday!" On Monday-Thursday, we teach the core subjects in the New Day School (Language Arts, Math, Science, and Bible/Social Studies, with Reading and Tonga in the afternoons). On Fridays, we have a little fun, and we have the rest of the classes - Art, Music, Computers, Writing Club, Creative Technology, and Home Economics! Here are a few pictures for your Fun Friday!

The New Day kids all LOVE to knit - boys included!!

Christina, who spent her day at the clinic getting a tetanus shot after stepping on a nail this week! :(

Their own handmade purses!

Mweene was so proud!

Glory :)

Kelitah working hard in class

Mama Loveness

Lulu hanging around in her new house!

Mama Tembo, who still needs a monthly sponsor!! Please contact me if you are interested!!

David Mapalo, Mulenga's son. Poor Mulenga - his new wife was called away to care for a sick aunt and could be gone up to a month! Mulenga is holding down the fort taking care of his little boy!

Cambree's Great Mouse Exhibit - more pics to come on Monday!

Starting the foundation on our new classroom block! It sits directly across from our current school, making a U with the current school, computer lab/library, and new school!

Cute little Terry, who is quite the handful! His favorite sentence (in Tonga) is "I will beat you!" (translates "I will punch you in your face" ;)

Pics from today's Writing Club classes - lots of fun!

With the little ones, I am doing a unit on If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Today they had to put the story in order using pictures!

Teacher Hildah helps me every Friday by planting herself next to Kefbert for the hour long class!!!

In the older kids' Writing Club class, we are reading The Indian in the Cupboard. They are loving it, and I am loving it!! It is one of my all-time favorite books! Today they wrote "If I were the Chief, I would..." Their responses were hilarious! Muchoni's was my favorite - he said he would spank his returning men if they lost a battle! Kelitah's was also good - she said if she were chief there would be school only on Mondays!



Just hanging around..after all, it's Fun Friday!

On Fun Friday afternoons, the big kids go to Discipleship Class with Mama Lala, and then I take the older girls to Bible study at Mapanza Baptist across the river. Hope your Friday is fun!

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