Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Birthday!!

Today we had a big birthday party for 3 members of the New Day family! Kefbert turned 6 on February 11th!

Mulenga's wife, Miriam, will be 23 on Monday, February 16th! She is holding Mulenga's son, Mapalo, in this picture. The boy to the right is Miriam's biological son (she had him at age 16..very typical of Zambian culture). He is now living with Mulenga & Miriam now and they are blending into one family. His name is Emmanuel but he goes by Emma (a boys' name here!). He is 6 years old and is waiting for Teacher Diana get back so he can join her class!

She loved all her presents - this was probably her first birthday party!

Mulenga had way too much fun pouring water on his new wife.. ;)

And our Mweene will be 8 tomorrow, on Valentine's Day!

Poor guy does NOT like pictures or smiling for the camera...

Here's a good "real" smile!

Terry enjoyed his first taste of cake!!

And the spectators couldn't stop laughing at all the water pouring!

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