Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Weekend of Change!

This has been a busy weekend here at New Day! We have had 3 new arrivals/additions to our New Day Family!

First, John Frances & Josephine Tembo arrived to become the new house parents in our Luumuno (Peace) House. For those of you who have been to New Day, this house was formerly the male staff house (where Mulenga lived, with the big mural outside). It will soon house 8 new orphans that will arrive at New Day soon!

Mr. & Mrs. Tembo have been Christians (and Baptists) since the 1970s and have played a huge role in the evangelization/discipleship that has been done in the Eastern Province of Zambia. They are excited to make a new home in the Southern Province – learning Tonga, helping to raise 8 children, and serving as missionaries to those in our area!

Secondly, we welcomed a new housemother for our current girls’ Luyando house! Many of you know that Mama Martha was married last August and moved away, leaving our girls without a housemother. Elizabeth filled in for the last 5 months, but we have finally found the perfect mother for our girls! Loveness Ng’andu (Mama Loveness) is a 52 year old widow from Mazabuka who has known the Wilcoxes since 2000. She became a Christian during that time and was baptized by Wes. She has raised 4 sons of her own and helped to raise 7 granddaughters. We are excited to have her join the New Day family!

Finally, we welcomed 4 year old David Ron (Mapalo) Chipambala to New Day yesterday! David is Mulenga’s biological son. His mother has been caring for him in Choma for the last 4 years but is unable to care for him due to her health. Mulenga and Miriam are excited to welcome David into their family, and we are excited for Mulenga to have this opportunity to raise his son to know Jesus!
Here are a few more pics of our weekend!

Lots of moving helpers!

We taught and fed 132 at Kids Club in the midst of all of the unloading/welcoming!

And we had a great day of worship this morning! Here is Glory, walking beside me to church.

Why walk to church when you can run??

Our family loves walking to church together!

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