Sunday, February 15, 2015

Nsanti Baptist Church

Now that there are so many Americans living at New Day, we decided that we should really "divide and conquer" on Sunday mornings - taking turns visiting other churches in our area to encourage them. A few weeks ago, the Cooks, Debbie, and Abby went to visit Maxwell at Mapanza Baptist. Last week, the Wilcoxes took Mama Joyce and Mama Liz to visit the church in Gwembe. This week, it was our turn, and we headed towards Namwala with Hildah to visit Nsanti Baptist Church!

Nsanti is one of the churches we worked with back in 2004 and 2005. It is led by Pastor Robinson, a 76 year old man who also built our hut in the bush in 2004! He is a great leader for the church and has even helped start some new work in the area. Jeff Powers worked closely with Robinson and with Nsanti Church, and we knew it was time for a visit. I can hardly believe this, but I had not been to visit this church with the kids since we first moved back in 2010!

Getting ready for church...I have a fever blister and can't smile big!

It was about an hour's drive to Nsanti. We hadn't been able to get a hold of Robinson to let him know we were coming, so when we got there, Blu went to his house to find him. We were excited to see that he was already on his way to church!

When he got there, he started ringing a "bell" hanging on the tree to let everyone know it was time to start!

During church, after Sunday School and before the offering, Robinson asked the "New Day children" to come forward and give a small Bible story. Caedmon boldly told the story of David & Goliath, while 9 year old Laurie translated for him - everyone was very impressed!! I was so proud of them!!

Cambree & Laurie loved getting to go to a new place together!

I looked down during the sermon and Cason was taking selfies..

The ladies dancing outside when church was over

Me and Hildah...back row Baptists! (The back row had the biggest and most comfortable stump to sit on!!)

Blu & Pastor Robinson

Praying that no matter where you worship today, you feel the presence of God as you focus on Him!

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