Monday, February 9, 2015

Brothers Reunited!

Kefbert (who will be 6 on Wednesday) arrived at New Day in January of 2013. Both of his parents had died, and he was sent to live with his maternal relatives. Meanwhile, his little brother, Terry, was sent to live with the paternal relatives. Kefbert's relatives soon contacted New Day, knowing that they could not adequately provide for this 4 year old, and he arrived here and has made New Day his home. We tried to convince the relatives to allow Terry to come as well, but they did not allow it..until recently. The boys' paternal grandmother had a stroke 7 months ago, and she is unable to walk without assistance. She has struggled to care for Terry, and last week we were told that we could come and get Terry. Tomorrow the paperwork will be finalized, giving us custody of Terry. What a privilege to get to watch the boys grow up together and to teach them BOTH about Jesus!

Terry was very unsure about everything, and Kefbert was a little overwhelmed himself!

Terry & Mama Loveness

He looks like Kefbert!

Mama Tembo will be Terry's new mother

Kefbert stayed off by himself for most of the welcome!

And a few more random pictures...

Mama Lala's Grade 1 Bible class

Lulu at Preschool


Mama Joyce with Prince at church in Gwembe on Sunday

Mapalo, who is still a little unsure about Preschool!

They love having their picture taken!

"His Royal Highness" Prince driving Papa Wes around..

Prince loves Preschool!

Papa Wes's P.E. Class - wall squats!!

Caedmon in Grade 5 Language Arts

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