Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday Writing Club

One of my absolute favorite things I do at New Day is teaching the Wednesday Writing Club class. The kids do creative writing, all of it based around literature. For a month, we did an "oceans" unit, and for the past 3 weeks we have been reading the classic Dr. Dolittle. Today, when I finished reading the chapter to them, the kids burst into applause. It makes my heart SING to see their love for books and the knowledge they are gaining every day from literature!! :)

Today before Writing Club, I read a postcard that Papa Wes & Mama Lala sent from Wales!

Cambree & Abby Camp getting ready to write!

Francis working hard


Here are today's stories: (I edited their spelling/punctuation to make it easier to read!) Blu's commentary is in parentheses.

Lydia: One day I took a trip on a boat. I took Kelitah and Cambree with me. When we got into the water we watched the sun set. When it was nighttime we watched the stars. Everything was quiet until Kelitah shouted, "Sharks!" We all looked into the water. We saw their fins poking out of the water. We all were scared. Nobody knew what to do until Cambree had an idea. "We can get Dr. Dolittle." I ran and got the phone. Dr. Dolittle said "They will not hurt you if you say 'too too boo.'" So I said "Too too boo" and they went away. (Fortunately for the girls, they were still had cell phone coverage to call for help!!)

Machila: One day I took a trip on a boat. I took Mama Liz, Teacher Darbi, Sisi, and Teacher Abby. We were going to California to meet Teacher Darbi's friends. When we got there, we greeted Teacher Darbi's friends. We got to sleep in a hotel and play lots of fun games. In the morning we got up and took a bath. Teacher Abby bought everyone pretty blue dresses. We walked around town, and when we stopped I said, "Is that Dr. Dolittle?" We went over to him and asked lots of questions. We went in a big shop and Mama Liz bought us blue high heels. We loved that place. When we got to some boats we saw the boat we came with. We looked at it and it had a big hole. We had to buy a new boat just like that one. (Darbi has friends in California????)

Francis: One day I took a trip on a boat. I took Caedmon, Misheck, Muchoni, and Ben and left the New Day kids behind. Then we started our trip. On the trip, Caedmon and Misheck got hungry. They said, "We are starving," and then they started to cry. Poor little Caedmon and Misheck were hungry. The boat hit a rock and fell apart and we got to eat fish. Then we reached land and Misheck and Caedmon ate all the jungle food. We built a house of sticks and lived there. (This is 100% testosterone - Francis is a man's man!)

Caedmon: It was a beautiful sunny day out. I decided to take a journey to South Africa. I was so excited I almost cried! I packed food and water. I was on the number 11th boat - it was called The Bluejay! It was the fanciest boat in all of Africa. We left at dawn, but unfortunately our boat was delayed! I had to take the Earthquake. It sounded cool, but it was not as fancy. We, which is me and Misheck, got on the boat and prepared for takeoff! We landed in an hour! But, it started to rain. The clouds got darker and we got scareder. The boat was going under! Everybody got on small boats, but there weren't enough for us. We jumped overboard and swam to shore! We were exhausted! So we had to build a house there until a ship would come save us. (Caedmon obviously trying to get extra credit using every vocabulary word he knows!)

Muchoni: One day I took a trip on a boat, and I took with me a horse and a parrot. On my way we stopped on an island. On that island was a big, mean snake that almost ate us. Then, we hid under a rock and it could not find us. (Under a rock?? Don't snakes live there?!)

Sisi: One day, all the New Day kids went for a trip on a boat with Uncle Blu, Teacher Darbi, Papa Wes, and Mama Lala. All the kids were very happy. The next day, we all got on the boat. We had to sleep in the boat and eat in the boat. We were going to South Africa. We were on the middle of the river and the food was finished. Then, we were there and we played games. We had fun. (Did Papa Wes eat all the food??)

Abby: One day, I took a trip on a boat. I took Cambree, Kelitah, and Machila on my trip. We watched movies, played board games, and ate snacks on our way there. It was very fun, but one day Cambree became very sick. We had to give her lots of medicine until she got better. Finally, we reached America, and that is my trip to America. (A trip with movies, board games, snacks, and lots of medicine...these girls were obviously prepared for their trip!)

Ben: One day, I took a trip on a boat with Mama Joyce to New York. The boat was sinking, and I had five flying wings. I gave Mama Joyce one, and one for me and flew to the land. We ate coconuts for food. (I wonder what he did with the other 3 wings!)

Cambree: One day, I took a trip on a boat. I took Abby, Laurie, Kelitah, and Francis. I had a big boat. We also ate candy and chocolate. But then the ship wrecked. Then we all died. (sob)

Misheck: One day, I took a trip on a boat. I took the boys. We went in a boat and we took food and books. And we took the Bible so that when a storm comes, we can pray to God. (extra points for the Jesus answer!)

Kelitah: One day, I took a trip to America. I rode on a boat. I took with me Abby, Lydia, and Mama Liz. When we were in the middle of the sea, Lydia got sick, and I told Mama Liz. And Mama Liz got some medicine out with water. Lydia had to drink it. Then she felt better again, and we reached America safely. (our kids at New Day obviously don't have their sea legs!)

Laurie: One day, I took a trip on a boat. I took my pet bird and my mom. My pet bird got sick. I gave my pet bird some medicine. And it got better. And then we reached South Africa. We had a safe trip, and thanked God for the trip. And of all the things, we first prayed, and that was the best part. (Hildah, Laurie, and a pet bird...alone...on a trip to South Africa. It must have been divine intervention that they survived!)

Cynthia: I'm not going to type Cynthia's story here, but feel free to email me if you want to hear it. She DEFINITELY had the most creative story, but maybe not so appropriate for the worldwide're curious now aren't you???!! (My vote was to blog it because it deals with deep fears all of us experience on a long journey with no bathroom!) ;)

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