Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday Sleepiness!

My absolute favorite thing about Saturdays is sleeping in!!! I get up at 5:30am every morning, but not on Saturdays! Poor Blu gets up and milks the cow on Saturday & Sunday mornings, but I stay in my nice, cool bed. :) After getting the laundry going and answering emails/New Day finances are done, I relax with a cup of coffee before I begin writing on my new book. That's a glimpse into our Saturday mornings!

The Camp kids started school this week and I think are having a great time!

Gracie is their oldest - here she is holding baby Staci.

The "Old Man" at Kabanga - he is 93 years old, is recovering from a stroke, and knows Jesus as his Savior! (picture taken by Adam Camp)

Lusyomo is doing well! She is quite the character and is very outgoing. She loves to laugh and told the other kids that Misheck was her best friend. Her favorite thing at New Day is mealtime - she shoves the food into her mouth as if it's her last meal!

A great picture of Pastor Maxwell, taken by Adam Camp

Saturday morning at the Cooks' house - Barbie time for the girls!

Abby & Lydia Camp are getting along great with all the New Day girls!

Meanwhile, Austin (with a buzzed haircut - October was too hot for his long hair!) helped the New Day boys stay entertained with a movie!

Adam has been doing a leadership conference with the pastors in our area - such a great time for these men!

And a random pic from Friday night in the USA - B-Maw by the campfire! One of the things we miss most about Blu's family is Friday night campfires, hot dogs, and s'mores in the Fall!

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