Thursday, October 23, 2014

New Day Ballet & Goodbye to the Camp Family!

Some days it feels like a huge sacrifice to live here in Zambia, and it's easy to look at all that our kids are "missing." Tonight, however, was a chance for one of my children to experience something that she otherwise couldn't, thanks to the Rosemont team! They brought ballet leotards and shoes for the New Day girls, and Gracie Camp taught them a routine to Here I am to Worship - it was awesome!

Getting ready!

Lipstick & buns!

I loved it! The girls did so great!

Afterwards, the boys showed their own little "dance"...

Then it was time to say goodbye to the team and the Camp family :(

Hugs for Abby & Lydia

Hildah kept begging Jonas to stay here with her - he LOVED Teacher Hildah!

We are so grateful for the Rosemont team's work this week, and for the sacrifice of the Camp family to spend almost a month in Zambia with us! We loved every second of ministering and fellowshipping with them, and they will be greatly missed at New Day!

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