Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tailgate Party!

This was a really, REALLY good day. Church was great this morning. Blu led a great Bible study and Adam from Georgia preached a great sermon. Kalenga was in church for the first time in a long time and it was so great to hear him sing again. Please continue to pray that God will turn him back to Himself! At the end of the service, Glory and Malilwe came forward to ask Jesus into their hearts. We are still talking with Malilwe to see how much she understands, but Glory stood in front of the church with Uncle Mulenga. When he asked her why she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart, she said “to follow Him.” When he asked her why she wanted to follow Him, she said, “He is beautiful.” She then stood in front of the church and prayed, asking Jesus to forgive her sins and come into her heart! What an amazing thing to witness! My first thoughts were of Precious, wondering if she was watching this from heaven.

This evening we had a fun tailgate party at our house! We all wore our favorite team’s colors, had some awesome food, played an alma mater trivia game, and ended the night with Scum. To top it all off, tomorrow is a school holiday!

Representing Texas A&M, even though they had a tough loss yesterday! :(

The Tidwell & Camp kids spent the evening outside with glowsticks, screaming, having the best time!

Me & Carolyn representing The Cru at UMHB (how do I not have a UMHB shirt?!)

The Cooks representing Clemson

Some of our d├ęcor (Caedmon insisted on the Rogers Eagles flag in the back - haha)

We had mini sloppy joes, meatballs, deviled eggs, pasta salad, chips & buffalo chicken dip, twice baked potatoes, fruits/veggies and dip, and brownies & chocolate chip cookies!!

Gracie, Mandy, & Amy representing Auburn

A big game of Scum!

You never know what my kids will come out of their rooms dressed as...

Our kids are LOVING the Camp kids!

Lusyomo came over to visit me today! :)

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