Monday, October 6, 2014

As I went down to the river to "play"...

We went down to the river today on a mini-field trip! There was no school, so after sleeping in a little bit we loaded up the kids & a few adults and headed into Mapanza town to the river. The rocks are gorgeous and the kids loved climbing all over them. Lusyomo & Prince loved being carried all over them! :) After a hike up to the store for some drinks and snacks, we made our way back to New Day - a fun morning!

Misheck and his little sister, Lusyomo (who we are also calling Faith and Lulu!)

Austin & Gertrude (she tells everyone that "Osten" is her boyfriend :)

The Camp family!

Climbing these massive rocks!

Mama Joyce and the New Day boys

Nurse Mandy and some of the kids

Niki & Austin

Time for a snack break!

Kelitah, Axer, & Mama Liz

Me & Malilwe, slowly making our way up the rocks!

Group pic!

Hildah & Little Laurie

Liz & Machila

Another one of Mama Joyce & the boys

Just because I can't get enough of these two :)

Sweet Sisters - Axer & Kelitah

The Tidwells

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