Saturday, October 11, 2014

Celebrating Muchoni!

Today we took a fun mini-field trip to Choma!! We loaded up 42 of us and headed out for a morning of fun! First on the to do list: get the 3 oldest girls' ears pierced! It was NOT the equivalent of an ear-piercing shop in the USA, that's for sure! :)

Kelitah looks a little worried!

Cynthia went first and the gun got stuck on her ear - I was thinking "oh no..." at this point!

Sisi & Cynthia!

Ouch! Sisi's faces were priceless!

Checking out the mirror!

Nurse Mandy's face is hilarious here - I can guarantee you she is questioning the sanitation of these piercing guns right about now!!

Done and all smiles!

Our second stop was to Choma Museum for a little Independence Day celebration! Here are the 3 Amigos, together for not much longer as Diana leaves for furlough on Nov 12th!

Aw... I love field trips...can't you see it on my face??? ;)

Blu hanging out by the "fire"

Cason WAY up high!!

Cason & Jonas hanging out

Teacher Abby loved explaining the Independence Day exhibit to the older kids!

Line up time!

Prince wasn't impressed....

Whoa Misheck!

Prince & Lulu holding hands :)

Next up, it was time for Muchoni's birthday celebration!!! He turned 10 today! He loved this soccer blanket from his sponsors, Keith & Sandy!

Ice cream on this hot day!

Singing to the birthday boy!

And a few other random pictures - Caedmon dressed as "Rocky Balboa"

Caedmon wanted me to take this picture and send it to Kelly Kapowski :)

And the BEST part of my skyping with my mama!!!

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