Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy Birthday to Darbi! :)

A look at some birthdays gone by...

I share my birthday with this cutie pie, who is celebrating in the arms of Jesus today.

We went down to Precious's grave today.

Uncle Ricky & her sister Glory put some balloons on the grave. I was fine until the kids sang Jesus Loves Me!

Back to my morning...

I love seeing what our kids come up with for gifts! Caedmon made me this and gave me 5 kwacha!

Cambree gave me a stuffed turtle and a coupon book for help with dishes, laundry, and spider killing!!!

Cason made me a card and also gave me 5 kwacha! I told the boys 10 kwacha will buy me a cappuccino at Wonder Bake!

My mom always makes me a special birthday card, but this year she sent me a card that my Grandma made years ago - how special! They also got me 2 puzzles and 2 bags of coconut coffee!

A puzzle and money from Blu's parents - I do love me some puzzles!!

Blu got me some Ralph Lauren perfume and a tetherball!!! I am the reigning 3rd grade champion of tetherball - you are all going down!!!

After a normal day of teaching, working on my puzzle, and some birthday calls, it was time for my birthday party! I always make sure that Mulenga has his party with me so that some of the water pouring gets deflected onto him!! ;)

Blu arranged for the team to bring the stuff to make cookie cakes - my favorite!

Cynthia made this card for me in Art Camp with Mr. Chris, and Niki got me the pretty turquoise bag (monogrammed with my initials!)

Content to be at New Day...

We had a nighttime water pouring - what were we thinking?!!! It was pretty much awful!!!

A birthday selfie in the sunset

Such a gorgeous sunset tonight!

I LOVE this cross from Wes & Laurie, plus my favorite coffee creamer!

These two.. :)

Cason has REALLY enjoyed Mr. Scott (AND Mr. Chris!)

It was a great day!

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