Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloweens Gone By! of my favorite times of year!! Halloween brings back memories of church festivals, trick or treating at Grandma's house, and...did I mention church festivals?? (Hey, I was a preacher's kid...there were a lot of festivals!) This year, since we have so many Americans living at New Day, my 3 kids will get to trick-or-treat, and I am surprising them with homemade Halloween costumes! I got a sub for tomorrow so I can stay home and sew while they are at school! In anticipation of that fun day, here is a look at Halloweens gone by! :)

1987 - hobos.. :)

1988 - clowns. My Grandpa died 2 days before Halloween this year, but my parents still managed to take us to a church event in my grandparent's town. I remember Ant K doing our clown makeup for this!

2006 - as the youth minister he had to find the craziest costume possible!

Cambree was born 12 days later!

My little clown!! His face paint lasted 10 minutes - it was 80 degrees that year!

2007 - my little pumpkin!

Tigger in 2008!

And his sidekick, Pooh!

Be still my heart...trick or treating at Grandma's house...a memory I will cherish forever..

Yep, pregnant again! :)

2009 - Buzz & Woody!

And the pumpkin costume reappeared for Baby Cason!

Onto the superheroes in 2011! The "BatFamily!" (We are no longer in youth ministry, so we get out of dressing up!!) ;)

2013 - the Hulk, an angel, and a ninja!

Are you ready for 2014??? :)

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