Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Today was a day we have been praying for for a long time! Misheck's little sister, Lusyomo (pronounced Loo-show-mo, which means Faith) joined the New Day family! Lusyomo is 5 years old, born May 30, 2014. She had just turned 2 the first time we met her, back in 2011, and we didn't feel we had the capabilities or the staff to care for her, so she was placed in an orphanage in Choma. We later came to regret that decision and sought to reunite the two siblings. Yesterday, we received word that the social work office approved our request for custody of Lusyomo, and here she is! Misheck went to Choma (dressed in his Sunday finest!) to be there to pick up his sister, and he never stopped smiling. Lusyomo isn't smiling yet, but she will be soon!

Hanging out with Uncle Blu! Blu said her first words to him were, "Uncle Blu - look my shoe!"

I love watching the other kids welcome new ones!

Mama Joyce greeting her

She was with Nurse Mandy all day in Choma and you could tell she was most comfortable with her!

In other happenings today, thank goodness for Nurse Mandy who can take care of terrible toe injuries!

And these three Camp kids started school today and had a great time!

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