Sunday, April 10, 2016


It seems like I looked up, and just like that, 11 days had passed! Sorry about that! It was a whirlwind of our last week of school, a month-end (which means added financial work for me), and then a quick trip to Livingstone with Blu! Here is a little of what's been going on around here!

We got a visit from Ricky, Niki, Coby, & Kelsey! They stayed a couple of nights on their way to Lake Kariba for a missions' conference their South Carolina church was leading! We had a great visit - eating Chinese food in The Ark and hanging out at the fire pit during the LONG Friday power outage!

Look! I have miniature roses! One bush is pink and the other is white! Love!

There's been a LOT of gymnastics going on at our house as Blu used his new welding skills to build a bar for the kids! I can't hardly watch - I'm so scared they're going to fall on their heads!

An evening walk to check out progress on Happy Hollow!

The slab has been poured - the first line goes down on Monday!

Every Saturday, the New Day kids help wash their own clothes.

Caedmon & Cambree put together a tea time snack for me as I cleaned the house on Saturday morning! Fresh carrots, peach tea, and peanut butter! :)

April is the month of field trips here at New Day! Last year, we took a huge field trip to Lusaka (flying in an airplane, riding horses, etc...etc...), so this year we decided to keep it a little smaller. We are taking 4 different field trips, and the Big Girls were the first to go this weekend! They went with Mama Lala, Papa Wes, and Mama Liz to Livingstone! They enjoyed swimming, a boat cruise, shopping, and a special date night with Papa Wes!

On the way! (The girls were so excited they woke up at 4am!)

6 girls + this guy :)

On the boat cruise

Victoria Falls ("The Smoke that Thunders") in the background

Lunch = pizza!


Pretty nails!

Checking out the shopping in Livingstone

Swimming time - it was an unusually cool weekend, but they still braved the pool!

Breakfast buffet!

Date night pics!

The girls had a great time, and now it's the Big Boys' turn! They will head to Lake Kariba (Siavonga) to spend 2 nights on a houseboat on a fishing trip! Meanwhile, the rest of us are looking forward to our upcoming week off of school - my closet is calling out to me.."Clean me! Organize me!" :)

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