Thursday, April 21, 2016

Field Trip #3 - The "Middle Kids"

Today we set off on Field Trip #3 in April with the middle kids. This is the 1st and 2nd grade classes consisting of Axer, Gertrude, Glory, Malilwe, Christina, Cason, Phillip, Joseph, and Mweene, along with two 5th graders - Cambree & Laurie. (Caedmon was thrilled to stay behind with his friends at New Day!) The plan for this trip was 2 nights in Livingstone as this group has never seen Victoria Falls before! Since I am never with this group (don't teach their age yet), it has been fun getting to spend some time with them!

On the bus and ready to go - 21 of us in all!

First stop after the 4 hour trip - Debonair's & Steers for burgers & pizza!

I asked Axer why she wasn't sitting with the kids and she said, "I didn't want to leave Mama Loveness alone.." ;)

These two...

Jamee and the pizza crew!

Kailyn and a group (with a photo bomb by Blu..)

Then we headed to the hotel where the kids got changed and we swam!

It was COLD at first!

The boys

Mama Tembo & Mama Loveness even got in!


The girls!

Hildah relaxing...

Jamee & Malilwe

Lovin' the lounge chairs!

After the kids enjoyed some tv time and the jacuzzi tubs in their rooms, we headed to the national park for a game drive in the New Day bus! We saw bushbuck, warthogs, wildebeest, cape buffalo, giraffe, zebra, lots of monkeys, a monitor lizard, and a hippo! The highlight for everyone though was when we got out to take these pictures...

The reason it was a highlight was because while we had stepped out of the bus, a monkey climbed into the windows, honked the horn, and quickly grabbed a plastic container filled with cupcakes and got one out! The kids thought it was hilarious and could not stop laughing!

Checking out graves in the game park from the early 1900s

What is it?!

After the game drive, we were starving and headed to Da Canton for some authentic Italian food. (Ok, ok, everyone knows we go there for the gelato, but the chef is Italian and makes his own noodles from his grandmother's recipe, so the food's amazing too!)

And....the only child to order nshima at the Italian restaurant....would be my daughter.

Uncle Blu trying to make Mweene laugh

Oh my pizza!

The kids' faces were priceless when they saw how big the pizza was!

It was a great first day - on to Victoria Falls tomorrow!

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