Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sleepover - Little Girls!

On Tuesday night, we had the "Little Girls" over for a sleepover! It was Lulu, Agness, Ingrid, and Emma. Power was out that day from 2pm - 10pm, so we had to improvise, but we all had a blast!

Agness is a cutie pie!

Barbies on the front porch by flashlight!

Uncle Blu likes to play Barbies too!

Emma hanging with "Bubba"

And checking out the Barbie situation...

And finding a safe place from the chaos in Teacher Darbi's lap!

Ingrid is a ham!

But we all know that Lulu runs the show!

It was a little bit chaotic as there was no power, but we had workers banging away in our master bathroom working on the remodeling project until 10:30pm! We had cake for a nighttime snack, some fun dancing with Blu's music class songs, story time with Uncle Blu, and then this morning Blu made pancakes for everyone! (He's pretty awesome...I have to admit!) Can't wait to do it again! (in a year or so...) ;)

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