Thursday, April 28, 2016

Just a Thursday!

So I'm hiding in my room right now. :) Our house has been Grand Central Station the last couple of weeks with workers remodeling our master bathroom (working until 3 or 4 in the morning!), sleepovers, the kids' friends here ALL day long, and today I thought I just might lose my mind!! So I'm hiding in the bedroom! Here's a look at what's been going on!

My bathroom is gorgeous! I love my huge new tub, the beautiful tile, the shower bench and cutout in the wall, the toilet that actually flushes, etc.!! All that is left is to pick out paint (waiting for Blu's mom!), repaint, and find bathtub faucets!

This is a random picture of my sister, Dawni, and her husband, Blake! Love them!

This is what I did on Tuesday - got my parents' yellow Nissan Juke purchased from a dealership in South Africa!

The kids went and helped Laurie, Kailyn, and Jamee with some educational games for the kids at Kabanga Basic School!

Work is underway on our new Prosthetic Clinic! (It is over by the store/grinding mill). Royd is the builder.

The slab is poured!

Lots of sleepovers - we had the "big girls" last night! We heard them at 12:30am and Blu got up - they were doing a workout video in the living room!

We are out of chocolate chips, chocolate bars.....time to make some turtle pumpkin pie! This was a labor of love for Blu - I had to cut up the pumpkin, roast it, and mash it, whip up the whipped cream, make homemade crust, and make homemade caramel sauce! (It was worth it, if you were wondering...)

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