Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sleepovers & Construction!

Time seems to have slowed down for me this month, but I am sure enjoying sleeping in, long workouts, wearing my pajamas all day, and cooking big suppers for the family! Here are a few things going on around here:

Blu & Phillip

No school means LOTS of time for the big boys to work on their fort construction!

Lots of progress on our 5th orphan house!

Luumuno working hard!

Contractor Blu going over plans at my parents' house!

The first line has been laid! (I know, I know, I have lots of pics of their house......but in my defense, #1) I'm really excited, and #2) it's only about 30 yards for me to walk to their house!)

Also doing some remodeling in our master bathroom...just wait and see....it's going to be awesome!!

April is also the month where we allow the New Day kids to come and sleep over at our house in groups! First up: the little boys, only because EVERY time Luumuno saw me these past 3 months, he asked when he was coming to sleep at my house!

What's more fun than a dance party with Uncle Blu?!

Justin was singing and dancing too!

Silly David!

Justin slept in Cambree's room and she pretty much took care of him!

Watching Looney Tunes


The "Bounce House" - don't worry, a new one is on its way!

It was also Stanley's 3rd birthday - love that kid! As it got closer to bedtime, he came up to Blu and said, "I don't like you. I like Teacher Abby. I want to go home." After a quick call to Teacher Abby, she convinced him to stay, and he had a great time!

Tomorrow at 5am...the big boys and men leave for their 2 day fishing trip on a house boat on Lake Kariba!

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