Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Happy April Birthdays!

Yesterday, we had our April birthday celebration where we celebrated 5 birthdays, 1 half birthday, and Debbie's birthday (though her water will be poured when she arrives in May!)

I cannot believe our little Baby Axer turned eight years old on April 17th!!

Love that sweet face!

She knows it...

Glory, who always has the craziest hairstyles!

We celebrated Jamee's 1/2 birthday since she won't be here in October! Her cake is an homage to her bike ride from Macha to New Day last week....

I think they had a blast at the party!

Jamee's faces were hilarious! Here comes Mama Loveness!

And Cynthia...

Pretty sure this is her "Please, Malilwe, no..." face!

Kailyn & Axer

Kailyn turned 22 on April 6th!

Time to get Papa Wes wet!

Here comes Emma, ready to join in the fun!

Love it!

This was Brian's wife Meckdren's first birthday at New Day (she turned 33 on April 5th), and she could not stop smiling!

Our little Prince will be 5 on April 24th!

He's pretty fast!

And little Stanley turned 3 on April 11th!

He loved opening his gifts!

Waiting for the water...he knows it's coming...

But he didn't like it very much....

So sad...

The final water pouring for our April birthdays!

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