Saturday, April 23, 2016

Field Trip - Day 2!

Day 2 of the field trip was a fun (and exhausting) one!

We started out our morning with the hotel breakfast - the kids loved the breakfast buffet and especially loved all of the fresh fruit and the yogurt!

Then we went back to the room for a morning devotion about God's creation and His purpose for each one of us.

Next stop - Victoria Falls! It was the kids' first time to see it, and it was also Mama Loveness' first time! There were baboons everywhere, which is pretty normal, but they were vicious! One came towards Mama Loveness and she went crazy throwing a water bottle and a Fanta bottle at it! It proceeded to open the Fanta, pour it on the ground, and lap it up! Later, one chased Phillip, and one chased Cason and then scratched him!

We hiked down to the Boiling Pot - the bottom of the Falls. It is a 15 minute hike down and a 25 minute hike up. It is like what you would imagine hiking in a rainforest!

We made it!

Even Mama Tembo & Mama Loveness made the hike!

Cason was our fearless leader throughout the Falls!

The kids liked seeing this man - I told Mama Loveness I found her a husband... ;)

Grabbing Mweene for an unwanted picture... ;)

Checking it out..

There our group goes on the knife bridge!

The 4 of us stayed behind and opted to stay dry...only we didn't!

The rainbows were gorgeous!

We let each of the kids and adults pick out a small animal as a souvenir.

Then, we headed out to the Victoria Falls Bridge that connects Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Kailyn & Jamee had "Cason Duty" :)
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Welcome back to Zambia!

The group

After this, we were absolutely exhausted and headed to Hungry Lion for some fried chicken!

Hanging with my mini-me!

Day 2 of matching clothes...he was thrilled..

After we came back and swam for a couple of hours, we got dressed for dinner and had a pre-dinner photo shoot!

Teacher Abby

Abby & Cambree

All the kids

The ladies

Uncle Blu & Axer

Daddy & his two youngest! (we miss Caedmon!)

Me & my man :)

Uncle Blu & Malilwe

The boys

Cambree & Laurie

Carolyn, Abby, and Hildah

Me, Hildah, and our girls


Me & Hildah

Hildah & Little Laurie

Kailyn & Jamee

Mama Lovness and her girls

Mama Loveness

Mama Tembo

Beautiful Zambian women!

Walking to the bus...

We then headed to the Zambezi Cafe for a nice supper. We ordered crocodile bites and Mopani worms for appetizers! Cason downed his worm!

Mama Tembo just kept frowning at them!

Jamee helping Axer eat some crocodile!

Christina & Mweene taking a bite!

We had to literally beg Mama Loveness to try the crocodile!

And about 30 minutes later...we all felt like this.. We might have made it all the way to the bus when we remembered we had left Cason sleeping in the restaurant booth :)

After a stop in Choma for a museum lunch and (more!) ice cream, we headed back to New Day. This was a great trip for the "middle kids" where they got to see lots of new things, and where we adults got to spend some time with kids that some of us usually don't see very much. One more field trip to go before Field Trips 2016 are in the books!

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