Saturday, April 16, 2016

Big Boys Fishing Trip!

This past week, it was time for Field Trip #2 - the Big Boys Fishing Trip! The boys loaded the bus and left at 5am on Wednesday morning for the 7 hour drive to Lake Kariba in Siavonga, Zambia!

Bright & early! Mama Lala was the only one awake to see them off! :)

As soon as they got there, it was time to hit the pool!

Ben relaxing..

Misheck enjoying the lounge chairs!

And then....Ben & Muchoni almost drowned, but thankfully Blu jumped in with his clothes on to save them!

After some swimming, it was time to board the house boat, where they would spend the next 2 nights!

Uncle James (an IMB missionary friend who lives in Siavonga) gives Blu some pointers on fishing!

Checking out the sunset

Caedmon trying to catch a fish

This is where Caedmon & Misheck slept!

Since there are hippos & crocodiles in Lake Kariba, the boat comes with a cage that they drop down into the water to allow people to swim - lots of practice for the boys!

The first night, they landed at an island and set off exploring the next day!

Francis, of course, trying to figure out how the boat is operated...

Time to relax and enjoy a Fanta!

Lunch time - Wes & Blu bought all the food (Laurie, Kailyn, Jamee, and I made some breakfast foods & desserts) - hot dogs!

Somehow Uncle James got a jet ski and took the boys (and adults!) for rides! Caedmon was a little nervous!

There he goes!

Francis ready to go!

Muchoni relaxing with a Sprite..

Papa Tembo & Uncle Mulenga enjoying their break!

Papa Wes got a nap too!

They also towed a smaller boat that they could take out to find hippos.

Papa Wes grilled some hamburgers for supper!

...whenever he wasn't working on untangling fishing lines!

The boys had the trip of a lifetime - Francis said there was so much he got to do for the first time! Papa Tembo, after riding the jet ski, said he never thought he would ever ride something like that! It's amazing to get to give these kids these experiences, but also to get to hear them talk about how they will pray for the owner of the boat after they leave. Love those boys!

With Blu & Caedmon gone, I decided to really spend some time with Cason & Cambree. We made cookies, played 25 games of Monopoly Deal ( game count was Mom 12, Cason 10, and Cambree 3!) We also had a makeup/nail painting party and then had a fashion show in my old prom/bridesmaid dresses, and Cason slept with me both nights. It was great to spend some time at home with my 2 little turkeys! (but we are glad Daddy & Big Brother are back!!)

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