Wednesday, April 13, 2016


So my favorite blogger, Shay, has started up a fun new monthly series called STRANDED! Each month, they are asking what 3 items you would take if you were stranded on a deserted island. This month's topic is "From Your Medicine Cabinet."

First of all, I think I'd do pretty well on a deserted island! I mean, I've been watching Survivor for years. Build a shelter, find the water hole (and look for messages from tree mail), and start a fire. Done!

Ok, but from my medicine cabinet, I would definitely take these 3 items:

I can't live without my Mary Kay chapstick. I am absolutely miserable if my lips get sunburned, so I rely on this expensive little tube to keep that from happening! I love that it's not sticky on my lips. Yep, I'd have to have it on the island!

Of course I'd take some Thieves oil - what CAN'T a few drops of Thieves fix???

Enough said.

Up next month: books...!!!

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