Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What do you do all day?

If I had a quarter (or kwacha!) for every time I was asked that question...whether in Zambia or the USA...I'd be rich! :) Sometimes people ask me that question, and I draw a blank! " different things..." Here is a look at a Wednesday on furlough!

Get the kids up and ready for school. Forgot to buy milk but thank goodness for American frozen processed food like waffles! Get kids dressed in uniforms, hair done, lunches ready, and house in order before heading out the door for the 10 min drive to school! (Blu heads to work with his dad - they are flipping a house in Bangs.

Back home with my Fall candle burning - time for my quiet time..reading in Jeremiah, Colossians, and Psalms. I have to read out loud to fully get the message, so if people walk by and hear me...

Put together a slide show using previous slide shows for tonight's presentation at FBC Early. I have to make a new slide show that is more geared towards kids.

Write 19 thank you postcards.

Head to the gym for Body Pump, Core, and Body Fitness classes for 2 hours.

Back home for lunch & shower.

Check New Day finances (online banking, paypal donations) and enter data. Write 3rd Quarter financial report for Board of Directors and email out.

Make supper and leave it on the stove to reheat later.
Time for school pickups! Cason at 3:10, Caedmon & Cambree at 3:40. Back home and speed through changing clothes, homework, and snack time!

Head to FBC at 5pm and speak to 3 children's groups until 7pm.
Back home for supper, baths, and bedtime...ending my day with an episode of Blue Bloods with Blu.

So that's a Wednesday on furlough! Not every day is like this...some days it's more like "Go to the gym...clean my house..." but that gives you an idea of what our weekdays look like!

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