Monday, October 12, 2015

Exhausted Fun!

This past weekend can best be described as exhausted fun! Here is a look at what went down:

Blu walked into Cason's room while I was attempting to comfort him...hey, whatever it takes!

On Friday after school, we drove an hour and 45 minutes to Florence/Killeen to visit my sister & her family! They have been on furlough since February and will head back to Zambia for their 3rd term around Oct 26th. We were fortunate to be there for their weekly pizza/popcorn movie night!

Blake's ingenuity - he made a funnel out of a paper plate to get the Ranch into the bottle. :)

Caedmon & Isaac sword-fighting as usual!

Cambree & Abigail

We ended the night with a game of 10 up, 10 down!

Cason & Amos

My sweet Abigirl

Me & Dawni goofing around!

A serious one :)

I can't believe my Isabel turned 13 yesterday!

Aunt Dawni and Cambree practice doing the splits

Chatting the night away!

Yummy supper - that's a lot of kids!

They are staying in a friend's house on a ranch - it was gorgeous!

On Saturday morning, 2 friends from Alvarado Mrs. Di-nee-na-na and Teacher Debbie (from New Day!) came to visit and pull "grandparent duty" watching the kids' games! First, we enjoyed Chick-Fil-A!

It's still so HOT for October!!

Blu in his element coaching! (Some of these pics are from last weekend's games!)

Uncle Shade even got to come to one of Caed's games while he was on duty!

I just had to stick a couple of pics of my awesome nephew AJ in here too!

Cason's 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Trapp, came to watch Cason play football! He was so excited to see her!!

Right after the games on Saturday, we headed on a 4.5 hour road trip up to Levelland, Crosbyton, and Lubbock! This is what happens when I go into the gas station alone.... ;)

We spent the night with my best friend, Whitney!

We have been best friends since we were Cambree's age - so weird to watch our daughters play together now!

In some of the same dress-up clothes we used to play in!

Blu & Matt relaxing watching some tennis

On Sunday morning we drove 1.5 hours up to Crosbyton, Texas, where I failed to take ANY pictures!! We spoke to a Sunday School class, Blu preached, and then we had lunch and a meeting with future volunteer team members from the church.

After a quick hospital visit, we hung out at the park until it was time to speak at Fellowship Church in Lubbock! They rented out the meeting room at the Holiday Inn Express for the evening, and we had a fun time speaking, eating fajitas, and swimming!

Blu & Landen representing the Aggies & Red Raiders :)

Lots of visiting! Denise & Calem came to New Day in May of 2010, and we talked about how there were NO buildings there at that time!

Cambree enjoyed the pool! (The boys stayed in Brownwood with Paw & B-maw)

A friend from the summer of 1999 came to hear us speak! Jenal worked with us at Plains Baptist Assembly Camp that summer in Floydada, and we haven't seen her since then! At that time, I was dating Blu, and she was dating Caleb - we are all now married, with kids, and it was amazing to see them after 16 years!

We got in at about 11:30pm, got some sleep, and got our kids off to school this morning! It was an exhausting weekend, but we are blessed by all the friends, new and old, that we got to see!

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