Monday, October 26, 2015

Back to Work - in College Station!

After a quick morning of laundry and unpacking, we got back in the truck for a 4 hour trip to College Station to share about New Day! The kids don't always come with us, but this time they did because there were lots of people excited to see them!

First stop - The Duncans! Josh & Dani came to New Day this past summer, and they have been close family friends and mentors to us since 2001! The kids had so much fun playing together!

"Duncan" donuts! (ha..I'm funny!)

Cambree loved playing with "older" girls!

Steve & Kathy are so sweet! (Fun fact: Steve was the VERY first volunteer to come to New Day in April of 2010 to help layout the place based on water flow, sewage, etc.)

On Sunday morning, we spoke at the Cowboy Fellowship of Aggieland - so fun! The people were so sweet, and the kids loved getting to practice roping before and after church. (Cason was REALLY into it..)

Erin, who came with Prosthetics back in May, goes to this church and took us to Layne's after church for some chicken fingers!

Then, she led Blu & the boys on a tour of the A&M campus! (It was raining...and cold...and Cambree sat in the truck for 1.5 hours and read our books... :)

The Aggie Ring

Caedmon really enjoyed seeing a real college!

In the afternoon, we spent more time hanging with friends - Allison & Lyndsey! They came to New Day back in 2011 when we had just received our first 4 orphans, and Allison has been back twice since then.

In the evening, we spoke at our "home" church in College Station - Parkway Baptist! Blu got back on stage and played the djembe like he did in days gone by!

Reunited with Katie & Melody, who visited New Day in July of 2013

They have the first 2 "New Day" tattoos (that I'm aware of anyway!)

Bro. Chris & his wife Cindy - love them! (and the church gave us the djembe to take back to Zambia!!)

Caedmon & his buddy Truitt - Truitt said, "Dude, you know it's gonna be 2 years before I see you again!"

Sharing about what's happening at New Day

And a long trip home...we rolled in at midnight!

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