Friday, October 23, 2015

Costa Rica - Day Four

We had a nice, relaxing last day in Costa Rica! We slept in and then left the resort, driving 4 hours back to Cloud's house.

Golf course view - so green!

A monkey seeing us off


Blu's view for the trip back!

Killing time with movie trivia and dumb stories!


Cunadas - sisters-in-law!

We ended our night with Papa John's pizza and a VERY hard puzzle!

We had an unforgettable vacation that was relaxing and fun - we can't thank Cloud & Rita enough for their generosity! We are at the San Jose airport for our early morning flight - we should pull into our driveway around 10pm tonight! Can't wait to see our kids, and then Saturday we head back down to College Station for a weekend of sharing about New Day!

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