Monday, October 19, 2015

Fun Weekend!

This past weekend was a fun one for us! It started on Friday night with a family pumpkin carving session at Paw & B-Maw's!!
We had a Mickey Mouse, chihuahua, Darth Vader, Ninja Turtle, and soccer ball!

Daddy gives a hand!

Caedmon's soccer ball

Cambree's Mickey Mouse

Cason's Ninja Turtle

That's our Cason!


On Saturday morning, Blu surprised me with an early surprise birthday party, since we won't be in the USA on my birthday! I was very surprised, and we had such fun!

Cambree wrote me a song...priceless.. :) It went something like, "You won't be here on your birthday, and I will miss you....but I got you some travel shampoo....

Caedmon got me a candle, and Cason got me some roses :)

Funniest birthday card, with a great picture drawn by Cason!

A DQ gift card & earrings from my sis!

Blu got me workout gloves!!!! (which means I have to make this strange face!!)

Money from my parents! (another strange face..)

And then...after football & soccer was time to go to the Taylor Swift concert. This was my outfit. :)

Here we are!

The Cowboys Stadium was packed, and it was an incredible concert!! She did little self-help preteen girl talks throughout the concert - so awesome!

On Sunday, we drove from Dallas down to Houston (Cleveland) to speak at a church. We had the BEST time, and the church blessed New Day with a huge love offering for solar power. And we had blizzards. :)

Our weekend was fast, furious, and SO MUCH FUN!! It was the perfect beginning to our week long vacation in Costa Rica!

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