Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween in the USA - Part One!

What's NOT to love about October in the USA?? Um, nothing! :) Tonight was our first round of Halloween with the Victory Life Fall Festival! It was so great this year to be there, actually know quite a few people, and feel like a part of the Victory Life family! :)

Ready to go :)

Here's all 3 - this year we gave them a choice: We would buy them a costume, or they could use something we already had, and we'd give them $20. They all took the $20. :) So we ended up with a gymnast (thanks to Grandpa's running medal), a soccer star, and Raphael.

Andie, Caedmon, & Cason doing the cake walk

Blu tried and tried to win and finally got a sympathy prize at the end! ;)

Caedmon & Brian - good buddies!

Trying to win a 2 liter! After many tries he finally won and picked a Grape Fanta, after searching forever for a Ginger Ale for his mama - love that boy!

She's a cute little gymnast!

Cambree & Lindsey - they're pretty inseparable!

Cason loves his sweet friend, Alyssa!

And Issabella! (ladies man??) :)

One last try at the Ring Toss!

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