Thursday, August 6, 2015

What the kids have been up to....

Our kids have been having a blast in the USA! We miss them like crazy and can't wait to hug them on Tuesday!

Lots of swimming at Paw & B-Maw's house!

Cason was excited to take a pic next to the sign he was named after!

Fun cousin time!

More swimming!!

Uncle Shade & Aunt Caity took them to visit an old jail turned museum - the kids loved it!

Mrs. Dineenana from Alvarado kept Caedmon & Cambree the night before camp - they had fun picking peaches!

Fun times!

Playing with Caleb's old Legos

And learning how to play Pick-Up Sticks!

From what we hear, the kids had a blast at GA and RA Camp!

Making memories with their cousins! (Super Aunt Caity took all FIVE to a waterpark!)

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