Thursday, August 6, 2015

Party Time!

Our last big event for the school term was a big end of term party! We combined this with an awards ceremony, July/August birthday parties, and a production of Pecos Bill! Enjoy the pics!

Grade 1 Awards

Grade 3 Awards

Grade 4 Awards

Grade 5 Awards (Blu is standing in for Caedmon!) :)

Kindergarten Awards

Pre-K Awards

At the party, the kids tasted snowcones for the first time! Ben loved it!

Blu & Emmanuel being silly!

Christina turned 7 on July 9th!

She loved her new baby doll!

Water pouring!

Cutting cake!

David liked his snowcone too!

And Kefbert likes pretty much any food!

Mama Lala celebrated her birthday on August 1st and got a "fudge" cake!

Quite a blow!

Coffee goodies!

Every year, Mama Lala does not disappoint with a "disguise" for water pouring!

Lulu chomping on her snowcone ice!

Machila turned 11 on July 17th!

She LOVED her new mermaid books!

It turned out to be a hot day for water - rare in July!

Terry turned 4 on July 4th!

This was his first party at New Day, but he quickly figured out what to do!

Let's just say his gift was a hit with ALL of the boys!

He stopped running for a second to say "Cheese!"

And Pecos Bill! The kids worked so hard on their play and did a great job! I think the coyote stole the show, myself! :)

Pecos Bill Cast

Kelitah was a great Cowboy Carl!

Cowgirl Pam and Ma

Our shy Sisi ran into the room yelling "Outta my way you two! Yeehaw!!!" Priceless. :)

It was all just too much for little Stanley.. :)

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