Monday, August 10, 2015

Switzerland, Day Four!

Today is our last day in Swizterland! Our flight is not until 8:55pm, so we decided to sleep in, do some laundry, and then take a day trip to Rapperswil, Swizterland, the City of Roses! It is an old medieval town that has a huge castle at its center!

Last day on the trains, which we have LOVED - Switzerland has an amazing transportation system!

Blu chose to eat his last lunch in Switzerland here...I said no thanks! :)

We found another church!

Outside of the Rapperswil Castle

So many flowers everywhere!

We loved climbing to the top!

View of the city rooftops from the top of the castle

Lake Zurich, with the Alps in the distance

I cannot get enough of the narrow cobblestone streets!

Ah ha! A lunch for me - tomato and mozzarella salad!

When I saw this bicycle leaned against a building with a basket full of flowers in it, I had to take a pic - how European is that! :)

Last stop - load up on the Swiss chocolate! :)

We have had a great time on vacation - our legs are so tired, our bellies are full, and we feel rested! We have laughed and laughed over German language things (we guess what everyone is saying based on how it sounds..."green steak" "quicksand" "iced tea fundraiser") and have enjoyed our time together! We head to London tonight and can't WAIT to hug our kids tomorrow!!! :)

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