Thursday, August 6, 2015

Last of GracePoint Team

I have so much to catch up on!! I'll start with a post of a few last pics from our GPC team. This was a really neat team with some team members who just had incredible stories/testimonies. I enjoyed our time around the campfire!

Melanie and her daughter Kendall did this awesome bulletin board for us to feature the kids' creative writing!

Aaron and Blu working on the school ceiling..totally not posing for this pic.. ;)

Gretchen & Melissa taught the Kindergarten and 2nd grade Language Arts class all week!

Carli painted an awesome mural on our kitchen folding doors!

And....this happened. A rat catching expedition that ended in the death of 24 rats in our pantry/dining hall..disgusting..

....which led to us sealing the door that leads from the dining hall to the pantry!

The school is nearing completion! These 4 additional rooms will house Mama Lala's class, Teacher Darbi's class, Melvin's class, plus one extra room for now!

Not sure if I've blogged this yet, but Muchoni got a visit from his older sister recently!

And Sisi got a visit from her 2 older sisters!

GPC was our last "big" team of 2015, but we will continue to have volunteers throughout the Fall of 2015!

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