Saturday, August 8, 2015

Switzerland, Day Two!

Today is the kind of day full of experiences, but the kind that are hard to capture with a photo! We started our morning with our hotel's amazing breakfast - cold cuts, cheese varieties, all sorts of breads, fresh butter, nutella, etc.. :) Then, we headed up to the Uetliberg Mountain for a 2 hour hike!

These pictures don't do it justice, but it was a gorgeous (and mostly uphill!) hike!

After about an hour, we came upon this farmhouse that sold fresh milk, eggs, and cheese - so "Swiss!"

After we reached our summit point, we took a cable car down and found a cafe for lunch - my guess is the food was Lebanese, but not completely sure!

I got a "pide" with spinach and feta (that serves as my supper too!)

Then it was time to walk around Zurich city and see the sights! The Bahnhofstrasse is the main shopping street in Zurich.

I loved the cobblestone alleyways with small shops, like this bakery!

We had to step into Sprungli for some Swiss chocolate! (cappucino truffles). In this photo, I am saying, "English??"

Fountains with drinking water were all over the city!

The Grossmunster Cathedral is one of the top tihngs to see in Zurich.

After some rest, we dressed up and headed to L'O Restaurant for a fancy post-dinner snack!

We had sun dried tomatoes, olives, grilled peppers, Swiss cheese, proscuitto, sourdough bread, apple streusel, and Lindt chocolate cake!

Tomorrow is our 2 hour train ride to Bregenz, Austria, where we will climb another mountain! :)

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