Thursday, August 13, 2015

First Days in the USA!

Our first days in the USA have been wonderful! We have spent all of our time in Brownwood so far since Blu's brother from Costa Rica is in town, which means the whole Tidwell side is together for a few days! Tomorrow we head to Temple for dr's appointments and to visit with my parents before heading back here to get ready for school starting on Monday! Here are some pics from our first few days!

Ready to land at DFW! :)

My mom and sister weren't supposed to be at the airport, but they surprised me!!!

Paw & Blu - they were happy, I promise!

So excited to see Caedmon at the airport!!

After 4 hours, we got to reunite with Cambree & Cason!

We have spent lots and lots of time swimming in this 100 degree weather!

Chicken fights!

Our sweet nephew, Brenden

It was HOT!!

They had a mini party for Caedmon to give him his birthday gifts from June.

He got 2 awesome knives!

When we need breaks from the heat, it's puzzle time!

Fun family photos in our new Tidwell shirts!

This afternoon, we headed to Lake Brownwood where we got to tube and ski. And yes, after 6 years, I did get up on slalom my first time, despite my husband and father-in-law's lack of confidence in me. ;)

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