Sunday, August 9, 2015

Austria/Germany - Day Three!

I might have sung "The Hills are Alive..." a few times today! And "How do you solve a problem like Maria?..." and "So long..farewell...auf wiedersehen, goodnight.." and called Blu "Gaylord" a few times.. :) We left this morning at 8:30am for our train ride to Bregenz, Austria. This day really surprised me, because I assumed we were just crossing over into Austria to say we had been there and it wouldn't be too exciting, but it turned into such a fun day!

First stop in Austria - a bakery for a power snack!

Pretzels & cappuccinos! You can see I'm in my "hiking" clothes - I learned my lesson yesterday!!

We decided to take the cable car up to the top of Pfander Mountain.

Blu does NOT like cable cars or heights.. :)

The Austrian Alps

Another hike - this climb was almost straight up!

Blu loved hiking up the mountain!

I am not the most outdoorsy, hikingish person, so Blu was quite proud of me! :)

After we came down from the mountain, we decided to hit the streets of old town Bregenz.

We found the Herz Jesu church - beautiful outside and inside!

If there was a church, Blu would find it and be inside before I could catch up to him!

When we saw this gelato store with a long line outside, we knew we had to stop for some!

After all of this fun, it had been 3 hours, and our train didn't leave for another 5 hours, so we decided to hop on another train for a quick side trip to Lindau, Germany! I LOVED this little port town!

This church, St. Peter Cathedral, was really neat! It had a World War II memorial and talked a lot about Nazi officers, the swastika, etc.

We decided that we should eat some German food while in Germany! (we passed up TONS of Italian restaurants!)

I ordered bratwurst and sauerkraut! Blu got pork schnitzel with noodles. He grew up eating homemade noodles that his great-grandmother from Germany used to make, and he said these tasted just like them!

I literally gasped every time I turned a corner onto another cobblestone alleyway with little shops like this bookstore! It was so neat!

We found a Rapunzel tower!

Hanging out at the Lindau Yacht Club - you can see we are getting more and more sunburned as the day goes on!

Back in Austria at the train station - I ordered an iced cappuccino and they brought this...I didn't complain! :)

We had a great day seeing a different part of the world together! Tomorrow we head back to London, and then to the USA on Tuesday!!

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