Thursday, August 20, 2015

Settling in!

We are settling into life here in Early, Texas! The kids started school at Victory Life this week, so we are sorting through school supplies, homework, school uniforms, etc! I have joined the local fitness center and am loving the group fitness classes. I also managed to squeeze in a manicure and a pedicure :) I also managed to get too close to a tree my first time to drive in the USA and knock off the side mirror of my mother-in-law's car...oops. Hey, the cars here must not be as strong as the trucks in Zambia because there I hit trees all the time! (just kidding...) Anyway, we had a mtg in Stephenville on Monday where we ate some great bbq and met the girl who will be living in our house while we're on furlough! On Tuesday, we drove to Lampasas after school to spend a couple of hours in the park with the Winsman side of the family! On Wednesday, we spoke at FBC Bangs (well Blu spoke...I ran the slide show ;) and had a great time sharing there. Today we are headed to DFW to surprise the kids at Medieval Times before flying to Atlanta tomorrow for a missions' conference. Life is busy here, and I am slightly overwhelmed at all that's going on/needs to be done, etc, but I'm sure we will get used to the fast pace soon!
Ready to start school! We had "Meet the Teacher" the night before, so their school supplies and backpacks were already at school.

Caedmon - starting 5th grade!

Cambree - starting 4th grade!

Cason - starting 2nd grade...he was very unhappy because his shoes didn't fit. First, he said he would stay home until his feet grew into them. Then, he put on extra socks, claiming that one foot needed 4 pairs on and one needed 2 pairs in order for the shoes to fit. Needless to say, Mama went to Payless that afternoon... ;)

Victory Life Academy - grades PreK - 12 - love this tiny school!

Us at Hard Eight Bbq in Stephenville meeting Shannon and her dad!

Supper in the park with my family - Dawni, mom, and me!

All 7 grandkids!

The "Men"

Hanging out at the mission house, writing New Day thank you notes, waiting to pick up the kids from school and head to Dallas!

As we fly to Atlanta tomorrow, we ask you to pray for our dear friends' daughter, Mary. The last time we went to Georgia, we stayed with the Hardigree family - love them so much! Their oldest daughter, Billie Anne, spent much of the summer with us in 2014. Their 19 year old daughter was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. Please pray!

Love them!

Please pray for Mary!

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