Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sleepover Madness!

It has been a little crazy this month!! The New Day kids have definitely been bed-swapping during this school break! We have had the 4 groups (Big Boys, Big Girls, Little Girls, Little Boys) over here, plus they have been at Teacher Diana/Carolyn's, Teacher Debbie's, the Cooks, and Nurse Mandy! It has been loads of fun.....but no more sleepovers at my house until December!! ;)

Cason must have gotten hold of the camera and is practicing the art of the selfie

Lots of tv time - He-Man for the boys!!

All Christina wants for Christmas is her 2 front teeth! ;)

And LOTS of ipad time!! The kids LOVE ipads but only get to play them the 4 times a year they sleepover at our house

Pretty Gertrude has no front teeth either!

More ipad time...and Malilwe's face is kinda scary!!

Joseph :)

Kelitah enjoying a Barbie movie

Mweene, Phillip, and Kefi (who is finally old enough for sleepovers!!)

It's a bird, it's a's SuperKef!

And LOTS of time on the "bounce house" (as the kids call a trampoline!)

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