Saturday, August 9, 2014

Durban Vacation, Day #4

We started our day (at 5am....) with another delicious breakfast at our hotel! We then headed out to the beach for a little playtime before making the 2 mile trek down the boardwalk to Sea World!

This is the beachfront in front of our hotel. Ours is the shorter one second from the left.

We decided to buy the combo tickets for Sea World and Wet n’ Wild, and I’m glad we did! I was so impressed by the aquariums, exhibits, and shows! It was small, the weather was great, and there weren’t a lot of people! The kids loved all of it, and we made some awesome memories!!

Caedmon the Turtle

Cambree the Turtle

Cason the Turtle

I LOVED looking at the huge aquariums!

Cambree hanging out at Kids World

Me & Cason at the seal show - he loved it!!

Ready for the dolphin show!

I loved their faces as they watched the dolphin and seal shows!

Time for an ice cream break! We've had ice cream 4 times since we've been here already!

Putting their hands in the tank so some shrimp can crawl on them!

Hanging out in the sun while the kids play at Kids World

Did I mention I loved the big aquariums?!

The FUNNIEST thing was that everything at Sea World was about conservation, recycling, saving the oceans, etc. I am married to the LEAST “green” guy in this world...he hates talk about that stuff. So at the end of the penguin feeding, our kids go over to make a “penguin promise” on a postcard that they will help “save the penguins.” Blu looks over at me and says, “My brothers would disown me if they knew I was standing here with my kids as they made a penguin promise...” A couple of minutes later, a lady comes over to us. Turns out, she works for a travel magazine called “Getaway” and has photographed the kids for the October issue of them making their Penguin Promise. Blu just shook his head and said, “Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse...” I was DYING laughing!!!

After about 3 hours, we were ready to head to Wet n' Wild! I took this one pic in front of the slides and then put the camera in a locker to have some fun! Cason did the slides on the far right and the red one in the middle. Caedmon did the ones on the far right, and Cambree did none. Super Mama won the prize for the most adventurous as I did the ones on the right, the middle red one, AND the yellow one. After the yellow one, I was DONE. The kids loved the lazy river but really preferred to play in the kiddie areas. We sat on the grass, ate hot dogs and hamburgers, and watched them play. It was getting COLD, so we left the parks around 2:30.

I had made reservations for us at one of the nicest restaurants in Durban, the Cargo Hold. Nobody else wanted to go, but they humored me and we went and had desserts. It is set up in the bottom of a "shipwreck" with huge shark tanks - fun!

And some pretty decent hot chocolate and dessert!

I got a cashew & cinnamon parfait - yum!!!

Around 4pm, we started the 2 mile trek back to our hotel along the beach. We walked slowly and played in the surf the whole way. Cambree & I went to the bathrooms at one point and came back to find this...

Can you tell they are all looking for something?? Blu lost his sunglasses!!

The promenade, or boardwalk, was crazy today since it was Saturday!! There were runners, bikers, cyclers, skateboarders, street performers, etc! It was a fun mini-Vegas type atmosphere! The kids were fascinated by this man who used his kids/grandkids to help him perform. Cambree thought we should definitely go to the bank and give him ALL of our money!

We are back in the room watching tv, playing dominoes, and playing on ipads. Room service supper will be here soon and we will have an early night (since our kids insist on getting up at 5am on vacation!!!) :)

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